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Trouble: Reverse Harem Bully Romance : Highland Prep Book 1: Stacy's Origin (Dirty Biker Boys Prequel) by Lila Lush
Publication Date: June 10, 2022
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Stacy Holbrook's origin story. Before Stacy met Jordy, Tarragon, or any of the Dirty Devils MC members, she was the bratty queen of Highland Prep, the elusive private school on the north side of Chicago. But daddy's little rich girl has a mean boyfriend and a dark secret. When she falls in love with the wrong guys, all hell breaks loose and not everyone makes it out alive. This dark romance is twisted and with drama and tragedy.*Emotional rollercoaster* THIS STORY IS VERY DARK* It contains mentions of SA, violence, death, grief, & suicide. (This series is a prequel to the Dirty Biker Boys series). Stacy has a dark past, while this series has very sweet moments, it does not have a HEA. (Prepare yourself!).
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