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Clandestine (The Dowrra Series Book 6) by A.A. Gordon
Publication Date: June 17, 2022
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The Dowrra are human females descended from Inanna, a goddess of love, whose dormant desires erupt when they meet their destiny and mate with powerful, supernatural creatures. Melisandre Morgenstern is a twenty-year-old water witch who just passed her Initiation into the adult ranks of her coven. She is ready to take her mother's place as the next High Priestess until she learns the disturbing truth about her people and is forced to flee for her life. She soon discovers that she is a rare and powerful hybrid Dowrra, called an Agari, who is destined to Choose more than one mate and channel all four elements. Hadrian Marcellus is a vampire warlock and the King of Thornton whose vicious defence of his hybrid family has allowed them to survive being hunted by both vampires and witches for centuries. They pass as vampires, but witches can sense the magic of their mixed heritage and often expose them to the violence of the heinous Hybrid Purges. Hadrian will stop at nothing to protect his loved ones, even if it means he must kill any witch that comes near his family… including Melisandre. But there is a war coming that only Melisandre will be able to fight. Can she overcome the king’s fierce distrust of witches and secure Hadrian’s alliance? Does she even want to brave the blistering cruelty of Hadrian’s fire magic? Will she ever achieve her full power, take her rightful place as the High Priestess, and claim all of her mates? Discover love worth waiting centuries for in the epic sixth novel of The Dowrra Series. Note: This is a slow-burn reverse harem with enemies to lovers, friends to lovers, and found family tropes. It is book six of The Dowrra Series and book one of Melisandre’s story, which will continue in book seven of the series.
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