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Knot My MC: How a Feisty Omega Finds Love (Omega Love)
Publication Date: March 23, 2023
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Omegas aren't allowed to fight back... at least, that's what everyone wants us to believe. Me? I'm a fighter. As daughter of the VP of Wrecker MC, I have to be. Pushing back hasn't caused problems for me until I end up resisting the Prez after my dad dies. Turns out kicking the Prez in his precious family jewels is a no-no. With no family left to take me in, he sends me to the omega auctions to get rid of me. There a rival crew claims me. The three sexy as sin leaders are nothing like the men of Wrecker MC. They're knot my MC, but will I find love with this new crew or will they break my heart? This is a standalone reverse harem romance with swoon-worthy heroes.
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