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Cursed by Darkness: A Why Choose Paranormal Romance (The Cursed Realm Book 4) by Taylor Fox
Publication Date: October 2, 2022
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MAJOR SPOILERS FROM THE PREVIOUS BOOKS I am dead. Worst day ever. Yes, this was a possibility all along, but it’s such a bummer I actually died. At least the place is not so bad. Gloomy, but not the fiery pit I expected. It doesn’t matter. I can’t stay. No matter what the others tell me, I have to go back. I have to find my men. Amid the last sounds I heard, there was the voice of Kayn, and I hate to think what he’s done to them. There is a way. A myth. A path, so dangerous I might destroy my very soul. And I would. For them, I would. An incubus offers to lead the way. I know I can’t trust him, not with him being a demon. But I have no other choice. For my men, I would cross the Abyss. And I guess I will. Adults only! In this series, the heroine doesn’t have to choose.
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