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Alpha's Druid: A Shifter Fantasy Reverse Harem Romance (Grimfur Shifters Book 1) by Corey Blanchet
Publication Date: June 30, 2022
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Cold-as-ice mercenary Rho will do anything to survive…anything. Her one rule? No shifters. When the Grimfur Alpha doesn’t take no for an answer, Rho pulls out all the stops. Rho is an iron-tough, cold-as-ice mercenary willing to use just about any weapon in her arsenal to get the job done and even more dangerous weapons to survive. She has one rule: no shifters. Her contract is crystal clear. So, when the idiot pathfinder hired by her merchant patron leads them straight into shifter territory, Rho finds herself walking off the job. The only problem? She IS the job. When the terrifying Grimfur alpha declares his claim on the feisty druid mercenary, her quick wits, hidden magic, and indomitable survival instincts spur a deadly chase from Grimfur into Fantomhide territory. And the locals don’t take kindly to interlopers. Drahl and his brothers uphold a vow to the Moon Goddess: they don’t claim Her daughters; they accept what is offered. So, when Grimfur invades their territory chasing the tantalizing scent of an unmated female, the brothers will stop at nothing to protect her—even from themselves. The chase is on. What will Rho do to remain free? -------------------- This book contains mature, explicit content for audiences 18+ years of age. Trigger Warnings: FMMMM, non-sexual violence, suggested rape, aggressive sex, perceived bestiality, consensual mild bondage. I do not support unhealthy sexual relationships. You will not find non-consensual sex, rape, or sexual violence in my books. If you are in an unhealthy sexual relationship, I strongly encourage you to seek help. In my opinion, healthy relationships require Respect, Equality, Safety, and Trust. All of my characters engage in sexual relations willingly and demonstrate these four principles.
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