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Protected By The Green Berets (Soldiers Of Misfortune Book 2) by Cathleen Cole
Publication Date: August 1, 2022
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They think they’re in charge, but I’m about to prove them wrong… I’m living my dream life as a desk jockey for the CIA. Yeah, that’s a lie. Technically, I’m an analyst and being stuck in an office is the last thing I wanted. Working in the field? That’s always been my goal. So, when I’m finally assigned a case that promises to see some action, I’m beyond excited… Until the Army steps in and assigns a team of Green Berets to babysit me. I don’t want their help and they sure as hell don’t want me on their team, but none of us have a choice. In the deserts of Iraq where the sun is hot and the tension is hotter, Keller, Alden, Torque, Rush, and I are hunting a dangerous terrorist that’d do anything to find us first. If we don’t learn to trust each other, we’re as good as dead. And if we give in to the scorching chemistry between us? Things will never be the same… ***Be Forewarned Protected By The Green Berets is a dark, angsty, military, why choose romance. There are four overbearing military men and one bada** leading lady who won’t need to choose between her men. There is no MM. This book can be read as a standalone. It contains explicit language and situations. Some situations may not be suitable for every reader. Find a full list of tropes and content at this author’s website.
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