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Reese: The Candy Shop by Candice Wright
Publication Date: July 14, 2022
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Welcome to the Candy shopWhere poison never tasted so sweet... Being a Candy Girl is more than just a job, it’s who I am. But before I became Reese I was known as Malice, the street kid who killed a man before disappearing without a trace. Now seven years later a serial killer is using those same streets as his hunting ground. To catch him, I’ll have to go back to where it all began To the place that was both my salvation and my downfall Stepping out of the shadows means facing the people I left behind Like the boys that once had my back, Boys who grew into men that now threaten my heart. But as both my worlds collide My quest to catch a killer inadvertently paints a target on all our backs. Making me realize too late That some ghosts really should stay dead. Authors note: Reese is living the peen dream meaning she can have her peen-flavored cake and eat it too. If you are looking for a straight-up M/F romance, you might want to check out one of my other books. However, if you like lots of different c…cakes then enjoy! Triggers: This book does contain some dark themes so please proceed with caution. Due to its content, this book is only suitable for people over the age of eighteen.
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