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Romance at Richadam Ranch: A Her Harem Story by Bella Settarra
Publication Date: July 5, 2022
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FROM EXCITING ROMANCE AUTHOR BELLA SETTARRA A Her Harem story She loves to cook. They love to eat. But when she falls in love with them, is it a recipe for disaster? Charlotte Priestley was working hard as a chef, and even harder at making her relationship work. That is, until she found her boyfriend, Raiph Mortimer, in a rather compromising position—doggy, apparently—with another member of staff. Leaving her job, home and cheating boyfriend in one fell swoop, she took a job as far away from them as she could get; Richadam Ranch, Colorado. Richard Colton, Chad Decker, and Adam Laurier, the owners of the ranch, are desperate for their business to work, and for that it is crucial that they find a decent chef immediately. Charlotte seems perfect for the position—and several other positions they dream about—but will she want what they’re offering? Charlotte is enamored by the kindness and concern shown by the three cowboys—not to mention their good looks! In fact, she couldn’t choose between them. Luckily, she doesn’t have to choose, as she discovers during a passionate night with all three of them, and a little too much wine. But can a polyamorous relationship really last? And when Charlotte’s and the guys’ pasts catch up with them, will they keep their resolve to make it work, or will their hopes for the future fall as flat as a sunken soufflé?
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