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Wild in the Country: A Her Harem Story by Elizabeth Coldwell
Publication Date: July 5, 2022
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FROM EXCITING ROMANCE AUTHOR ELIZABETH COLDWELL A Her Harem story What should be a simple weekend away turns into the most wicked vacation of her life. It should be a special vacation for two in the historic town of Rye—a chance for my deliciously dominant husband Adam and I to celebrate my thirtieth birthday and our wedding anniversary. Some alone time to wander the streets, eat in the nicest restaurants, play our favourite kinky games and maybe indulge my fantasies of having a whole harem of cute men to do with as I wish. Then the booking company screws up and leaves two handsome Americans, Nathan and Kip, arguing the place is theirs for the weekend. None of us wants to back down, so the only solution? Sharing. Except it’s not just the house we’re going to share. The more time I spend with these handsome, funny guys out in the beautiful Sussex countryside, the more I realize my fantasies of sex with an extra man—or two—are about to become the wildest of realities…
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