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Georgie: A Rockstar and Bodyguard, Omegaverse Reverse Harem Romance (Get Knotted Book 4) by Evie Ellis
Publication Date: October 12, 2022
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My name is Georgie and one night changed my perfect life.... and now I’m an omega in hiding.And one rock tour changed it again.

For seven years, I’d been hiding in another country. Fearing the chase—the pursuit, they told me I would never win. I had—for now.

Though my cruel life threw yet another obstacle. But I pushed my shoulders back and took it for the opportunity it was. I mean, what could be hard about acting as the fake girlfriend of the gorgeous but broken Steel Hearts, the music gods made up of three sexy alphas who were idols to millions?

It was definitely fake. They already lost one omega. They didn’t want me, and I didn’t want them.

It was perfect.

It got so much better when I found out I had a bodyguard. Carson, a commanding, brooding hulk of a man, and he didn’t hold back, telling me he wanted me, asking me to let go of my past, but how could I give love another try when my heart and bond belonged to someone else?

See, I was a bonded omega. I’d never forgotten my alpha, and I wasn’t looking for another alpha or two, because the leader singer of this band, Liam, was coming onto me too.

The trouble was, I was still in love with my alpha. I wasn’t ready or able to give love another chance. Not sure why, when my alpha Saint had got on with his life without me.

At least, I think he had. Hadn’t he?

Georgie is book four in the Get Knotted omegaverse, a series of standalone romances with a reluctant omega, possessive, purring guys and a guaranteed HEA. The book contains swearing and steamy scenes and recommended for over eighteen-year-olds. Trigger warnings are at the start of the book, but his book is a darker reader than the others and includes kidnapping and murder.

The book was written using British terminology, spelling and grammar.

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