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Sacrificed to the Freedom Dragons (The Holiday Hedonism Series) by J.L. Logosz & Vera Valentine
Publication Date: July 4, 2022
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The Free Isle of Rouset has a dragon problem, and Magemaster Doaldin has long preached salvation through one simple, terrible solution: sacrificing women to the ravenous beasts. When Riva is torn from her quiet life of candlemaking and thrust into the infamous scarlet dress as an offering, she’s determined to break the cycle once and for all.

But when her uncertain inner flame meets its match, the heat she endures has nothing to do with the fire that courses from leviathan jaws. Can Riva stoke the embers within and reduce the Magemaster to ashes? With the unexpectedly sensual help of her new allies, she may just find freedom - for her homeland and her inhibitions.

[Comprehensive content notes - aka tee-double-yews - are still being expanded on as we write. Watch this space for updates! :)]

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