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The Dark Sea Calls: A Reverse Harem Mermaid Romance (Twilight Lake - Book 2) byMichaela Haze
Publication Date: May 28, 2023
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With the death of the dowager Mer-queen on her hands, Maeve knows that if she ever wishes to return to the Twilight Lake, she will be killed.An enemy of both sides of a war. Running from the only home she has ever known, Maeve Cruinn finds herself washed on the shore of the Siren Cove, a place that other fae fear to tread. When the Siren Queen and her son take her under their wings, Maeve finds that the truth of the Twilight Lake and her mother’s death are darker than she could have ever known. It seems that the Gods are not on her side when Maeve finds she must return to the lake. The four princelings want Maeve back, But is it to pay for her crimes? Or is there something they’re not telling her? **The Dark Sea Calls is the second book in the Twilight Lake series. It is a reverse harem/why choose Fae/Mermaid romance. Contains MM and MFM scenes (and scenes with multiple partners). This is a DARK romance series**
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