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Face the Music: a K-Pop Drama (a Series of Falling Stars Book 2) by M.L. East
Publication Date: June 6, 2022
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Kasugai Ryo – your lawfully wedded nightmare. K-Pop’s five brightest stars are about to embark on DigitAlive–a world tour the likes of which have never been seen–but the show can’t go forward without all five Vortex members, so first, they need to tie up some loose ends at home in Seoul. Namely, Kasugai Ryo is secretly tying the knot with fellow idol and expat, Kit Allister, in the riskiest marriage of the millennium. With Ryo’s family fighting to blackmail him out of Vortex, this ploy is his only hope of freedom, but it’s little more than a gamble to exploit a loophole in their demands. Whether it pays off or not, the vigilant millions of Vortexans cannot find out, and neither can Kit’s angsty ex-beau, Oh Saichi. Between mutual disdain, freshly shattered hearts, and six careers on razor’s edge, “it’s complicated” is an understatement, and there’s more than just a tour at stake. Phantoms from someone’s ghastly past are stalking Seoul’s streets, hunting Vortex members one by one. Can Ryo and Kit keep their alliance a secret, outsmart the Kasugais, and save Vortex in time for the launch of DigitAlive? Even if they succeed, this scheme might cost Kit her career… and life as she knew it.
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