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Keeping Her Captivated by Scarlett Langford
Publication Date: August 28, 2022
Amazon Book Description

I was just a regular college student living in Hale City. My life no more exciting than a string of bad dates with college boys and a never-ending pile of essays. Until I came across them. They weren’t boys, they were men. They were handsome, they were powerful. And they were dangerous. Soon I found myself captured for seeing something I shouldn’t have seen. But after entering a new world of danger and temptation, I soon realized I didn’t want to leave my captors' sides. Not when being captive was so much more fun. KEEPING HER CAPTIVATED is a mafia reverse harem story by Scarlett Langford. It's the first book in a new dark romance series. Please note. This book is intended for mature readers and may contain content that is triggering for some. All characters in the book are consenting adults over the age 18. Note: final page count may differ
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