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Riftborn: A Gothic Reverse Harem Romance (The Rift Bride Book 2) by Ada Dart
Publication Date: November 14, 2022
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Be sure to read the first book in Thecla's story before picking up the second volume of The Rift Bride! Our enemy is dead. The danger has passed. My husband, my mate and I are ready for our happily ever after. Of course, the dharmine that has attached itself to me has other ideas. It's gorgeous. Terrifyingly so. And it wants something other than my blood. Something that electrifies me with desire...even if I know better than to relent to its temptations. And when the continent's Overseer summons me to her court, I'm certain the demonic creature will follow me. But a dharmine stalking me across the world and showing up in dreams, I can handle. It's the secrets I can't. Inspired by Bluebeard, Beauty & The Beast, and Rapunzel, (along with one or two others), The Rift Bride is a reverse harem gothic romance about a 24-year-old protagonist. This volume is a much faster burn featuring age gap romance, homicidal MMCs, jealous/possessive love, groveling, M/M interactions, an HFN ending in an HEA series, and just the right amount of angst to balance out the very steamy scenes! 18+ This series is by and large about VILLAINS who will get their happy ending, so be forewarned! Plot content can be dark and triggers include sadism, bondage, gunplay, kidnapping, beast-form interactions, reproductive elements, mild predator/prey scenarios, multi-partner activities, and some shocking twists. Reader discretion is encouraged. Three potentially triggering tags have been excluded from this list for spoiler reasons: please check the author's website for more information,
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