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Violet Craves : A Trichotomy of New York Novella (The Trichotomy of New York) by Bex Dawn
Publication Date: May 21, 2022
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I walked in on my husband of six years as he cheated on me with his business partner, Lucy.Honestly, I wasn't even surprised that he was cheating. He certainly wasn't giving it up to me. No. I was surprised at how he was cheating. He was giving this woman everything that I wanted. Everything that Icraved. I walked out, filed for divorce, and packed my shit. Moving to New York with my sister was supposed to be my clean break, my fresh start. I changed my appearance and my career. I decided to write a book series. My inspiration? The three sexy as hell men who go to my gym. They don't speak to me, I don't talk to them. But we watch each other, for months. Until one night, fate brings us together. They know about my cravings and they want to satisfy me. One night only, no names, no numbers. But what happens when one night isn't enough? Join Violet on her sexual journey of discovery and pleasure and the three men who give it to her. This is a Novella that kicks off the Interconnecting series, The Trichotomy of New York. To get a little taste of Renz and his boys, read The Los Diablos Syndicate series beginning with Crash.
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