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Sweet Firecracker (♥ Lovely Dearest Series ♥ Book 2) by Nikki Bolvair
Publication Date: May 1, 2022
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Melissa was a foster child and the daughter to one of the world's most dangerous agents in the world. At least, that what she announced to her current foster mother. The current boys in the foster home and friends, Dallon and Garrett shrugged her aside till she wiggled her way past their walls and stunned them. It was too bad that no one believed her until someone did...then she disappeared.All grown up, Dallon and Garrett are serving in the US Army and are now a part of an elite team of super soldiers sent on a secret mission. Someone has stolen the H-15 serum and they've gone hunting. Their team pursues a lead and discover it is linked to that little slip of a girl that they once knew and never forgot. But was she on the same side as them? That's not their only issue... the enhancements that the government gave them were inducing side effects. One's the team members hadn't counted on. Now with the capability to identify their mate, both Garrett and Dallon wanted one woman between them. They both wanted her. She fled, and they pursued, changing their lives forever. ♥ Why Choose Romance ♥
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