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Intoxicated: The Complete Series Box Set (A Stalker Mafia RH Romance) by Teresa Wolf
Publication Date: May 12, 2022
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* Six books for one sweet price. *Step into a scintillating dark reverse-harem romance series like you’ve never seen it before...


I saved his life… and it almost cost me my own. Now I have his attention, and he’s been lying in wait, watching me, craving me.

Waiting for the time he can step back into my life and claim what’s his.

Part of me is afraid. I know what kind of dangerous business he and the two shady men he calls his brothers get up to. I swore I’d put that kind of life behind me.

The other part of me is secretly thrilled.

One stupid decision put me on the radar of Jack Hamlin. Now I’ve become his obsession.

He says he wants to protect me, that I have to trust him.

But I know he won’t stop until I belong to him...


My name is Jack, and I have one rule. Never ask me about my work.

I chose this bar with my friends to talk business. I had no idea I’d stumble into a woman who takes my breath away.

She might just be a waitress, but I sense a fire behind her eyes that betrays something much more.

I think I might be in love.

I know it’s stupid, but I’m going to tail her for a while. I want to make her mine – and in my line of work, I always get what I want…

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