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Captured By The Mercenaries: A Dark Military Reverse Harem by Cathleen Cole
Publication Date: May 30, 2022
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They saved my life. All it cost me was my freedom… When the Army sends me to Iraq on a Top-Secret mission, an unexpected tragedy strikes, and I’m as good as dead. But out of the dust and sand, three dangerous men appear. Mercenaries. Ghosts. My saviors. They’re hotter than the desert sun, and on a mission of their own. Now that I know who they are, Rafe, Arsen, and Sig have no plans to let me go. They play by their own set of rules—rules let them take what they want, even me. Escape is impossible, not with threats none of us have faced before at every turn. To save myself, I’ll have to give in to their demands, become one of them, and beat them at their own devious game… ***Be Forewarned Captured By The Mercenaries is a dark, angsty, military, why choose romance. There are three overbearing mercenaries and one bada** leading lady who won’t need to choose between her men. There is no MM. This book can be read as a standalone. It contains explicit language and situations. Find a full list of tropes and content at
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