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Room Sixteen: The Toy Box by Jade Bay
Publication Date: June 16, 2022
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What do you do when your world’s flipped upside down? Run into the arms of the three men who’d do anything to fix it. I was broken. Nothing but a shell of my former self. After all, half of me was gone now, how could I ever be whole again? But, my twin brother’s three best friends rushed to my side. They put me back together, piece by piece. They showed me life could be more than heartache and tragedy. It could be beautiful and complex, full of passion and love. They are my family now, but one night at Club Sin might just break the very thing that made me whole again. *Room Sixteen is bringing the heart and heat, because why choose when you can have it all? This is a dark reverse harem so please check the author's note at the beginning for themes included.* Club Sin: New York took your breath away, now visit Club Sin: Chicago for two more play sessions. Fantasies are meant to come true and the men of Club Sin: Chicago will see to your every kinky desire. This June is the first play session of the year with 10 of your favorite steamy romance authors. We’ll take you inside Club Sin: Chicago, a forbidden place where you’ll find love and pleasure with multiple hot men in these Reverse Harem novellas. Can you handle the heat? 10 rooms, 10 fantasies…Which door will you step through?
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