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Tenacious Wings: Book Two in the Wings of Destiny Series by M. Susan Potter
Publication Date: May 21, 2022
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Evangeline, Balior, Gideon, and Noah now have the support of allies as well as their families. Vangie is cherished and spoiled by her men, feeling closer to them every day. Having her parents in town is an added gift. The four of them are quarantined to their apartment, however, for their own safely, and to prevent discovery of the team.The spy in the Assignment office has been apprehended and watchers are stationed on their charges the better to safeguard them. Emma and Jayden both have faith now and are aware of the existence of angels. Vangie is certain this will have an impact on the war. She is also determined to discover Emma’s destiny, feeling the enemy must be attacking Emmanuella to prevent her from achieving it. There are more spies in the capitol, however, and involvement of Egyptian Gods that may or may not be friendly. More souls are being attacked on earth with no way of determining who the Vile will target next. Noah’s father delivers disturbing news that increases everyone’s tension. If that wasn’t enough, Balior’s best friend moves back to Trinity, which could change the dynamic of their team and relationship. The four of them explore their newly discovered powers, resolved to be ready for the next attack when it comes. The enemy is changing strategy, and no one is truly safe. This is a paranormal reverse harem romance meant for adult readers due to mature content.
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