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Queen of Time and Thunder: Complete Series by Sadie Anders
Publication Date: May 16, 2022
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A complete series ready for you to devour right now. I'm Nova, a bartender at Haven, your friendly local dive. Just when I'd gotten comfortable slinging drinks in Los Angeles, I find a way to make it all go sideways. And this time, I'm not able to cover my tracks. Not from the members of the Shadow Council. They’re a sexy-as-hell team of guys who are committed to protecting this realm, and their attention is squarely focused on me. You see, the realms between the worlds are closed now, and nobody knows why except for one thing. It’s all the fault of the Mordha. And when it comes out that I’m the last Mordha on earth, well, it turns into open season on me. But a turf war in Los Angeles? Not on the Shadow Council’s watch. Soon, I’m on lockdown in their Hollywood Hills mansion, and what a group of guys to be in lockdown with. Remy: the flirtatious werewolf Sai: the worldly, no-nonsense vampire Ruairi: the fiery-haired fae prince Bain: the mysterious incubus The first guy makes me feel completely seen. Another aggravates in me in all the right ways. One shares a connection with me that I can only begin to comprehend. And the last, well, he arouses the darkest parts of my soul. The Shadow Council is tasked with keeping us all safe, but what will happen once they find out the truth? That I’m the one who closed the realms. This collection contains all four books in the Queen of Time and Thunder--The Shadow Council, The Midnight Key, The Lightning Tower, and The Eclipse War--a light-hearted but steamy series. Follow Nova on a fast-paced adventure from Los Angeles, to the fae realm of Awilyn, to the netherrealm, and then back again.
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