Cherished by Ghosts by Dagmar  Avery

Cherished by Ghosts by Dagmar Avery

Settling in with five men she barely knows but feels in her soul, Evan Noori has her hands full.
Five men, five different seductions, and Evan is eager to experience them all. Time with Galen, Zeke and Blue means a deeper connection with each, but how they get there, the path they each take, will give her things she never thought possible.

Because she is the true mate of each of these men.

Being a non-predisposed female to five different factions, one of them Monstera, comes with its own set of challenges, and Evan is thrust into a world filled with sensation, wonder and love. It’s not easy, and coming out unscathed the other side is something that each of them will need to fight for.

The situation they left behind in the pacific northwest has raised too many questions without answers, and she and Ghost Crew 231 are left with a convalescing teammate and the information that they have only small window of time to get him well in order to finish the operation and take out Caldera for good.

With a game plan in play to end the fight against their adversary once and for all, everyone in the house is on edge and worried. Creating connections with her men will take time, time they do not have with the mission they have been given.

They are going back to Abbotstown, and when they finally leave the world will be changed forever.