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Faking Fey: A paranormal reverse harem romance (The Godhunter Series Book 35) by Amy Sumida
Publication Date: May 9, 2022
Amazon Book Description

Faeries are out and proud on Earth and things are finally settling down for them. Vervain and her husband, Azrael, have worked hard to open fey embassies around the world and require faeries to follow the laws of the lands they visit. But the Gods aren't happy. It's bad enough that humans forgot about most of them, but now, they're practically worshiping faeries. Many gods have started impersonating faeries to get a taste of the worship they once had, but one group of gods is too bitter for that. They're pretending to be fey but only to make the Fey look bad. As their assaults grow more and more terrible, and humans lose faith in the Fey, the Godhunter and the God Squad struggle to track these posers down only to discover that the faerie fakers have a secret weapon. One that may prove to be too powerful for even the great Faerie God to overcome. As one of the longest running reverse harem series in existence, the Godhunter Series has evolved drastically from the first book published, becoming a sweeping epic of gods, faeries, shapeshifters, witches, and more. If you haven't checked it out yet, you can get the first book, Godhunter, free on Amazon.
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