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Claiming Vanessa: Breeding Contempt #1 by Raissa Donovan
Publication Date: September 2, 2022
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They want a broodmare. I want out. I've never wanted anything to do with the mafia life. I was going to get my degree and get out. But thanks to mafia warring, I'm now being held hostage by one of the largest criminal empires. Giulio Pavone is as personable as he is cruel, treating women like nothing more than product to be sold. Damien Rossi's faux gentle touch makes my skin crawl. Slayer has made no secret how much he wants to see my tears. And above all, they want to forcibly use me to continue the Pavone family line. I'm nothing but a broodmare to them. I know if I get pregnant, my chance of escape becomes next to nothing. I have to get out. I have to stay strong. I can't become one of the broken girls they sell at their seedy clubs. Note: This work contains extremely dark themes with potentially triggering content, including forced pregnancy. Read at your own discretion. Though this book picks up where Loving Lucia left off for Vanessa's story, it is not necessary to read the Spoils of Victory trilogy before diving into the Breeding Contempt trilogy.
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