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Evolve: A Dark Reverse Harem Romance: Los Diablos Syndicate Book 2 by Bex Dawn
Publication Date: June 24, 2022
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Prequel: Crash: A Los Diablos Syndicate NovellaBook 1: Burn: A Dark Reverse Harem Romance This is a reverse harem, mafia/gang, mystery romance with plot twists/turns, steamy and smutty scenes, hot alpha-possessive-assholes, sweet love, and grungy content. Our FMC goes through it but she definitely has her come back. Her badassery comes through and she becomes a warrior with the support of her men behind her. This will be a four full-length book series with a Prequel Novella that starts the journey off! This series is a continual series with cliffhangers at the end of each book. The series WILL NOT make sense if not read in order to completion. In the end, we will get a HEA! Thank you & Enjoy! (Also, check TW’s! You have been advised!) Ella What do you do when everywhere you turn, your world is filled with secrets and lies? When it feels like everyone you care about is hiding something for you, waiting for their opportunity to stab you in the back and betray you? No, seriously, I’m asking. Because that’s what my life feels like right now. My roommate isn’t who I thought she was. She went behind my back and betrayed me, cutting deeply. My best friend abandoned me when I needed him the most and he refuses to tell me where he’s been. My boyfriend lied, cheated, and broke me in the worst way imaginable. He spilled his deep, dark secrets, thinking I would be taking them with me to an early grave. He left me for dead. Unfortunately for him, I didn’t only survive his brutal attack, but I remember every single word he said. And the men who have bulldozed their way into my life. The ones who saved me, nursed me back to health, and have cared for me every step of the way. Their deception somehow hurts the very worst. Who am I supposed to trust now and what the hell am I supposed to do when I’ve got enemies coming at me from every direction? The answer is simple. Find the biggest monsters out there, and make them mine. Maddox I don’t care what she thinks she’s doing, but she’s not going anywhere. Over my dead damn body. She’s ours now. She became ours when she walked into our business, our home, our lives. The world of Los Diablos may be full of crime, murder, and mayhem, but it doesn’t scare us. We are bigger and badder than even her biggest nightmares and if slaying her demons is what it takes to keep her, then we’ll do it. My brothers and I are ready to fight for her, even if it means blowing up our own world in the process. We will burn it all down for her, and evolve from the ashes.
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