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Beleaguered Wings: Book one in the Wings of Destiny Series by M. Susan Potter
Publication Date: April 13, 2022
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Evangeline Brightwing was born to a proud angelic warrior line, but she always wanted to guard humans directly, rather than from a battlefront like most of her family. Having graduated with honors, Vangie is now a guardian angel, responsible for the safety of a destined soul named Emma Martinez. But Emma is never safe. She has been plagued by bizarre abnormal threats on a regular basis. Vangie has no help, and fears that without support or sleep, preferably both, she won’t be able to thwart the next attack.Then an ascended angel named Balior Dubois knocks on Evangeline’s door. He is the guardian of Emma’s newest boyfriend and was able to do what Evangeline couldn’t; find the identities of herself and the angels who guard Emma’s other two men. To Vangie’s joy, Balior wants to form a team of four the better to safeguard the humans in their care. Like Emma, her boyfriends have also been in danger, and not from the typical perils humans encounter. Evangeline has hope now that if the four of them can work together, they will be able to defeat this evil so determined to kill their charges. They quickly discover that it isn’t that simple. There is a spy in the assignment office denying teamwork requests determined to keep them isolated and solitary indicating that this is much bigger than they originally thought. Mystery surrounds one of the guardians, Noah Gracefeather, whose father is a prophetic angel, and says that their team of four and the humans they guard are at the center of a prophesy regarding the war Heaven has been embroiled in for over a thousand years with the Greek and Norse pantheons. They have the ability to prevent an invasion of Heaven and Earth, defeating the pantheons for good. The enemy is aware of what has been foretold. Gideon Lightwalker descends from two of Heaven’s most esteemed founding guardian families with powers from both sides. He knows how to conceal their unsanctioned team from prying eyes, as well as the contacts to pull it off. Gideon believes that of the ingredients describing the correct guardians for their team, ‘all seeking love’ means they are meant to be romantically involved with Evangeline and mirror the relationship between Emma and her men on earth. All three of them are drawn to Vangie’s intelligence, determination and devotion to her charge. Evangeline is attracted to all three of her new coworkers, and happily accepts their proposal for a tripart courtship. As the four learn to work together and embark on their romance both enemies and allies are found in unexpected places. They have support now, and defenses in place to protect their humans, but the enemy is coming and will stop at nothing to kill their human charges. This is a full-length medium burn reverse harem romance meant for mature readers over 18 years of age where the men focus entirely on the FMC. There is no violence or coersion. All sex is consensual. Beleaguered Wings is book one in the Wings of Destiny Series.
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