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Truth: A Dark Reverse Harem Romance (Daneswell College Book 1) by Victoria Gale
Publication Date: July 30, 2022
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I’m playing a dangerous game. But the truth is out there, and I’ll find it! Everything changed the day my step-sister was hurt. I dropped my life in England to travel across the world to the USA and enlist in Daneswell College. I had only one purpose… find the people who hurt her and make them pay. Joshua, Ethan, and Ryan are drop dead gorgeous, rich, and manipulative a-holes. They may think they’re the Kings of Daneswell College, but I’m here to knock them off their pedestals. If anyone knows what happened to my sister, it’s them, and I’ll do whatever it takes to uncover their secrets and find the truth. I’m not the innocent girl they think I am. Their cruel games can’t hurt me. They’re not in control. I am. Truth is the first installment in the Daneswell College trilogy. It’s a dark RH romance with three hotter-than-hell guys and one girl. Due to dark content, this book is recommended for eighteen and older.
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