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Laurels and Liquor: Pack Saint Clair Book 3 by Thora Woods
Publication Date: October 8, 2022
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She knew how to run and hide. Now she must learn how to stand and fight. After years of hiding from her past, Lydia Anderson confronted all her demons to take her place at the heart of Pack Saint Clair at last. But just as she was poised to claim her victory and her lovers, one of them was ripped from her arms and from the pack itself. Rhett Cooper faces criminal charges far from home…and Lydia’s heat may arrive before he can be freed. To claim Lydia as their bond mate, Pack Saint Clair must shake free of the treacherous Seth Douglas once and for all, and find a way to bring Rhett home. As they fight for their future, any mistake could cost them everything they’ve worked so hard to achieve. They’re running out of time and options with enemies closing in on all sides. The difficult choices ahead will alter the course of Lydia’s life, and the lives of her chosen family, forever. Laurels and Liquor is the final book in the Pack Saint Clair series, and will give our heroes the Happily Ever After we've been waiting for. This series contains MMMFF/poly dynamics, as well as BDSM themes. Please reference the Author's Note at the beginning of the book for a full list of potential triggers discussed in this book.
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