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Curse of the Celestial Goddess: Book Four of the Celestial Curse Series by S.Y. Moon
Publication Date: May 21, 2022
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Death. Darkness. Decisions. Pushed to calamity by the vengeance of a broken god, and immeasurable loss, a collision is inevitable, leaving a war of the gods on the horizon. Death is the only one left by my side, and he pleads with devilish words and tempting hands for me to fall to his charms. But I don’t have time for love, no matter how seductive. A battle of wits and power has begun. Allies have been chosen. Weapons of choice in hand. But with all the pieces of my past and future colliding, it gets more difficult to tell myself that there’s no room for love… or mercy. The lives of mortals and gods are on the line, and I am the key to their salvation or destruction. Nothing can escape my power, and no one lives, or dies in the realm of the gods, unless I say so.
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