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Jumbled Positions (Untraceable Succubus Book 4) by Erin R Flynn
Publication Date: April 15, 2022
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Being the boss is never easy no matter the support system you have in place. Being the boss when people’s lives are on the line is not something even superheroes can do without a break. Especially when they’re your people.But Jasmine Stewart has. Everyone is worried and scared about what comes next since the news of the demons organizing went public. She’s at the center of several targets, and the people in her life aren’t happy about the risks she’s taking. And that was before her life blew up in her face. She’s not ready, but she can no longer keep the secrets that she has from the men in her life. If she wanted to scare them away, this would be the easiest path. But after a life of pushing people away, Jasmine realizes that for once, she might want some of them to stay. Except not all of them will. Untraceable Succubus is a crime series where the sex is hot and often and the main character kicks some serious ass on the road to finding out if she can have real love in her life even if it comes from multiple men.
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