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Nikita (The Dark Angel Chronicles Book 6) by Serenity Rayne
Publication Date: May 5, 2023
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I am my mother’s savage daughter… My darkness comes with hell-fire and an impossibly sharp sword—all the better to rule when I take over my Grandfather’s throne. The elders insist the dark days are behind us, but something is stirring in the Underworld. I can feel its sinister tendrils like the blood in my veins, but the source remains hidden. Whatever this festering mass in the Wraith is, I vow to lead the hunt to destroy it and protect my people. That is until my mother presents me with the worst five inches I’ve ever received—my invitation to society and the key to ascending to the throne. Being the Death Incarnate and a queen isn’t easy, but if I want to rule, I have to balance my thirst for vengeance and my royal persona. Hell won't know what hit them…
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