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The Vampire's Deal: A Dark Mafia Romance (A Deal with the Devils Book 1) by Alice Wilde
Publication Date: May 6, 2022
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My name is Evelyn, and I've just been sold to pay off my father's debt ... and to them nonetheless. I thought I'd be going to college after the summer. I thought my family was normal. But, apparently it isn't. I've just found out my father's gambled away all our savings, and now the men he owes money to want him to pay. Moreover, I've just discovered who he owes money to. The Devils Mafia. Notorious monsters, the stories told about them are never spoken above a whisper. They have the cops in their pockets, not to mention the judges and any other high-ranking official around. When all is said and done, they are the law. So, when I overhear them with my father and burst in to help plead his case ... they decide to make my parents an offer. My life in exchange for theirs. I can't believe my ears when my parents agree, and suddenly life as I know it is turned upside down. Whisked away to my captors' estate, I'm forced to agree to a set of rules: No running. No lying. No secrets. Fine, but it's their next request that has my heart pounding in my chest. The final offer that could nail shut my proverbial coffin. I must obey their every demand. Knowing who they are and what they're capable of, I want to refuse, but it's what they offer me in exchange that soon has me wondering just how far I'll be willing to go ... The Vampire's Deal is the first book in A Deal with the Devils. This is a dark slow burn paranormal romance series with morally grey love interests, twists, multi-POV, and cliffhangers. CW: This series has darker themes and triggers, and includes some adult scenes (slow burn) and violence which may not be suitable for all audiences, please read at your own discretion.
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