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Among the Ashes: Ashes, Book Two by RA Aulenbach
Publication Date: August 12, 2022
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Finding out she had four mates? Strange, but she could accept it. Finding out she wasn’t human? Again, not ideal, but she was ready to welcome that. Finding out she was the Phoenix and a part of prophesy destined to save the world? Yeah, that was taking some getting used to. Raye and her two mates have set off to find someone to help her learn to control her new-found powers. Being the only Phoenix in existence, she couldn’t just ask anyone. Not to mention, the paranormals that are keen on remaining on top don’t want her to gain her full potential. She has to make sure to remain hidden from anyone trying to take her down before she can unlock all her power and take her place as the uniter of the planet. No pressure though, right? Author's Notes: This is a paranormal polyamorous romance. The FMC will have more than one love interest and doesn't choose between them. This series will also lead to some same sex relationships. Content Warnings: This book has mentions and instances of kidnapping (adults), talk of SA, violence, blood, murder, and explicit sexual scenes. It is intended for adult audiences. If these are themes that may affect you negatively please proceed with caution or do not read!
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