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The Cleaners: The Veils Universe (Demonic Messes (And Other Annoyances) Book 1) by L.L. Frost
Publication Date: July 5, 2022
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Got a demonic mess? Cast a spell that went awry? The Cleaners are here to fix your problem, for the right price.
Five years ago, demons exposed their existence to humans, outing witches in the process, and life suddenly became a lot more chaotic for those of us whose job it is to clean up their messes. Rebranding as Others may have made them sound more friendly, but no matter their label, as the owner of the top paranormal clean-up team, it’s up to us to keep the world from imploding, one case at a time.

The only problem? We’re not the only ones on the job, now. Humans have their own police department, the Joint Task Force of Paranormal Investigations, led by Detective Sharpe, a man my team lied to for years about the existence of the paranormal. To say it strained our relationship is putting it mildly. Sharpe wants nothing to do with me and my partners, Flint and Marc, but when a job we take crosses paths with a case he’s running, all bets are off.

Someone is trafficking half-breed children, and this is one job we won’t back down from.
The only question is whether Detective Sharpe will work with us or stand in our way. We want to make amends with the man we lied to, but what we want won’t matter if he refuses to set aside his grudge.

We’re The Cleaners, and we will clean up this mess, even if the price is more than we want to pay.

A multi-POV, urban fantasy featuring demons, witches, and messy situations that will leave your toes curled and gripping the edge of your seat.

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