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Their Little Pickpocket by Aidyn Rose
Publication Date: April 6, 2022
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After my mom died, I never expected to be cared for. Even before, few showed me kindness.The mistreatment in my foster placements and my years on the streets solidified my place in this world. And, if I had to be alone, I had to learn to survive. I quickly became the best little pickpocket in Rosen Springs, surpassing the ones before me. Little did I know I’d be meeting the previous record holder. He, along with his two chosen brothers, caught me, literally hand in pocket. In that moment, I thought I targeted the wrong man. But now? Well, this Little may have found her home with three Daddies, each so different from the next and yet, all so kind. Well... kind toward me. There’s a new saying in this town: hell hath no fury like the Daddy of a scorned Little. This book does contain MM and BDSM. This book has many content warnings but are not limited to: Murder, violence, mentions of past rape, and trauma.
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