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Vampire Shifter Academy by Lilly Wilder
Publication Date: April 5, 2022
Amazon Book Description

One morning, I woke up and realized I’d lost it all: my parents, my hopes, my life.Nothing would ever be the same. Following the death of my parents, I found myself attending Ridgeview Academy, a secret education facility reserved only for vampires and Halflings, those with only one vampire parent. The school bully caught up with me on the very first day, as if she could smell fear on me. Then three guys sparked up some possible romance! But I wondered, what are they really after? More importantly, could I trust any of them? On the surface, it all looked nice, just like their manicured lawns and polite ways, but I could feel the darkness within the campus. There was an unspeakable, blood-curdling evil present in Ridgeview Academy, and it was up to me to force it out into the light. Vampire Shifter Academy is a standalone vampire romance with a HEA and NO cheating!
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