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Delirious Night (The Air Court Book 3) by Dagmar Avery
Publication Date: April 4, 2022
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One game left, and everything is on the line. Riddle and the guys are focused on an important task, one that could render a blow to those that are trying to hurt them and their court. If it works, things are going to change, and there will be no going back. Because Riddle’s drawn to Kitaro, and will do anything to help him get out of the clutches of Orson. The man intrigues her, and in her heart she wants to see him happy and in a better place than enslaved to an evil wizard. The Festival is happening, and she’s ready for all her efforts to come to fruition. Air court is thriving and with a section of Hybrasil coming on line, just for them, there are decisions that must happen. For Air court to be the best they can be, Riddle needs to round out her guard, and allow Faerie to create the Eden for her people it is blooming into. Magic, Happiness and endless possibilities are just around the corner for everyone. Provided they live through it all.
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