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Shifted Sirens-Ultimatum by C.A. Courtney
Publication Date: April 15, 2022
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She's too bad, He's too nice. They need a tie breaker, but they never expected what came next...
Dr. Jessica Andrews. Is a proper New York princess who has an absolute inability to commit. She’s fiercely loyal and protective of her friends… do not mess with her girls or else. But when it comes to her love life, she finds it hard to accept love in any form unless it comes with a big fat helping of humiliation and maybe not even then because Jess doesn't do commitment.

Her parents have laid down an ultimatum, settle down or be disinherited and they aren’t letting her choose the groom. They have the perfect nice guys picked out for her to choose from too.

But she doesn’t want a nice guy.
She wants to be owned, dominated, and destroyed by a bad boy.

She should have been careful what she wished for though, because she just may have met her match.

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