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Love Me (WITSEC Book 3) by Ashley N. Rostek
Publication Date: September 30, 2022
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Colt is my comfort. He’s the first one to hold my hand when life becomes hard. Creed is my support. He always has my back, is always ready to help me battle the world or my insecurities. Keelan is my joy. He effortlessly makes me laugh and exudes a light even when days become dark. Knox is my strength. He holds me together even when I want to break. Each of my guys is a great man and each fills a missing piece of my broken soul. I’m falling in love with them. Maybe I already have. The question is, do they love me back? I’d cherish every moment if they did. It’s what you do when you hear a clock constantly tick in the back of your head. I know it’s my gut warning me that I’m on borrowed time. Something bad is going to happen. And my gut has never been wrong. ***WARNING This is a reverse harem romance. Contains violence, graphic killing, foul language, and sexual content. Some parts may be triggering. Love Me is book 3 out of 4 in the series.***
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