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I Am: Legends Chronicles Reverse Harem Book One by Sophia Florenza
Publication Date: April 15, 2022
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This story is a mashup with the book and movies "The Last Unicorn" and "Legend" (The one with Tom Cruise), with a Reverse Harem twist!

Amalthea Woods believed she is a poor girl from a small town prepared to leave her dilapidated world behind. Until she got into some trouble and lost her scholarship, her only escape from a miserable future! However, Thea's luck changed as the handsome but reluctant Hero Lir Alcides saves her from imminent prison and offers her a full ride to the prestigious King Haggard University!

There she discovers that she is not entirely "normal" and there is a world hidden from humans. Thea also meets the gorgeous Wizard Drake Ambrosias, and Fairy Prince Jack Goodfellow who are also attracted to Thea as she is to them. With the help of her roommate, Molly Grue, Thea learns to navigate this new world and simultaneously three men!

Will she be strong enough to handle it all?

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