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Heed Your Warning: Thunder Ridge High by R. Spain
Publication Date: May 1, 2022
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Thunder Ridge Highschool. Would you believe me if I told you the girl doesn’t bow in this story? Most don’t, but in this one, I’m the person who’s in charge. The snobby pricks across the way at Crest Hill don’t know what a pecking order is. They’ve taken it among themselves to claim a crown that was never theirs. The Stripes are the least of my worries though, a new gang has strolled into town. They claim Thunder belongs to them now. What I didn’t expect? The new kid that comes to school is fine as sin, but he is also way too perfect to fit in here. I almost called Nevaeh to remove him from my halls in fear that he was going to be lunch meat before the day was over. I eventually learned his name is Forrest, and he is gorgeous. Too bad he is as wholesome as a Sunday afternoon in church, and I’m the devil incarnate. Welcome to Thunder Ridge, Forrest. I can be your greatest ally or the biggest thorn in your side. • This will be more of a Poly relationship. That means that each character will have outside relations with permission from the FMC that they eventually bring INTO the harem. There is communication and a lot of back and forth on who is and isn’t inside the poly group. They have their own dynamic and at no point is ‘cheating’ a problem to our characters. Please note, I specifically said to the characters meaning you may feel like it’s cheating but Naliea and the males do not as it’s THEIR approved dynamic. If you’re triggered by the mention of abuse, mental illnesses, cussing, and detailed sex please do not read this book. 18+.
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