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Black Rose Fae by T. H. Hann
Publication Date: June 16, 2022
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If just one cruel prince isn't enough for's three. My childhood ended the day the white rose fae slaughtered my family and stole our kingdom. Since then, I’ve lived as their king’s warprize, a plaything for his sadistic court. But I’ve never forgotten who I am. The last surviving princess of the black rose fae. The only one left to avenge my kin. Then one evening I attempt to assassinate one prince of the white rose fae…and end up ensnared in the attentions of three. The sons of the conqueror are as ruthless as they’re beautiful, and they want me for all the wrong reasons. Made enemies by blood and power, wielding sweet temptations and devil's bargains, they embark on a deadly game with me at its heart. But I'm more than the pretty pawn caught between their claws. I'm a player too. I'll put my heart and body on the line for my vengeance. Even as I fear that what awaits me is not victory…but ruin. Black Rose Fae is the first book in a lush, gothic, dark-as-sin enemies to lovers fantasy romance for fans of twisty plots and twisted passions. The fae are not merciful—this book contains adult material and dark themes including abuse and assault. Content warnings are available on Goodreads and the author's website.
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