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Fighting for Her Heart: The Vampires' Illuminant Book 5 by Mara Leigh
Publication Date: June 11, 2022
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How can I truly love others, when I don’t know who I am? A surprise arrival brings more questions than answers and tugs at my loyalties. Even as my love deepens for all three men, I no longer know whom to trust. Some dangers wane but others emerge as mysterious forces still hunt me. I struggle to harness my magic, but have yet to discover my powers or destiny. When the ultimate truth about the Illuminant comes out, alliances and power dynamics shift, and I face the ultimate betrayal and loss. My heart is shattered but I must fight for myself to save those I love. This is book 5 in The Vampires' Illuminant, which begins with Auctioned for Her Blood. Expect a steamy, vampire romance where the heroine falls for more than one man and does not have to choose.
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