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Crescendo of the Sword (The Blade's Opus Book 3) by Niki Trento
Publication Date: July 27, 2022
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The Prisoner The Guardian The Pure Intent on stopping the traitor against Hades' throne, Styx and her collection of misfits must work together to survive. When Charon attacks Styx, not only does he lose her trust, but that of her mates…and even himself. Will he ever be forgiven for the slight against his sister? Once back on the right side of the Underworld, Styx is determined to carve her own path, regardless of the prophecies told, and to hell with the Fates and their plans! Like a house of cards, the life Styx has built for herself and her mates crumbles around her as an unforeseen choice becomes the difference between life and death. The Blade’s Opus is a build-a-harem trilogy.
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