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A Witch Only Calls Their Names Once: Call Your Name Quartet Book Four by A.M. Boone
Publication Date: March 24, 2022
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To get my happily ever after, I pushed myself beyond my limits…

After the nasty vampire who humiliated Vincent and mesmerized me crawls back to us, begging for help, I have to make a decision that’ll change the course of our plans forever. Trust a vampire, or never further our goals.

Vincent. Incubus. Vanished after Harriet’s failed ritual and probably gone for good.

Feli. Cubi. Reeling from Vincent’s disappearance and forced to pretend to be him in the public eye.

Santiago. Esper. Forced to use his Empyreal powers to further our goals.

Anthony. Dhampir. Trying to get his revenge against the vampire queen who ruined his life.

But as I try to balance finding a way to bring Vincent back with working with a shady as hell vampire, and time runs out for all of us, I’ll have to find a way to get our happily ever after—or die trying.

A Witch Only Calls Their Names Once is a queer, multicultural reverse harem urban fantasy between a kick-ass witch, three sizzling hot men, and one genderfluid shapeshifter, and is the final book of four.

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