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Blade, Hilt and Amphion: A Reverse Harem Cyborg SF/Fantasy Romance (The Protectors Book 3) by Nhys Glove
Publication Date: April 21, 2022
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The rebels have successfully rescued the cyborg newborns, but this blow to the Oligarchs’ power doesn’t come without a price. The cyborg Galaxeans are labeled traitors and face wholesale termination. It falls to the rebels to break them out of their prison and get them safely back out into space.

Kiz loves her life as a rebel messenger in the heart of the Dominions. It’s exciting, dangerous and important work. But when she finds herself the Protector of cyborgs drawn from all three of the cyborg groups she realizes her role is far more important than she ever imagined.

In a race against time Kiz must work with her mates to free the Galaxeans, right from under the Oligarch’s nose, even if it means she might lose one of them in the process.

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