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Broken (The Kings of Campus Book 2) by Sandra Antoni
Publication Date: March 24, 2022
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If anyone had told me just a few months ago that the kings of campus would rescue me from a fate worse than death, I would have laughed. But they had indeed become my saviors, in more than one way. Now they wanted my heart, but I wasn’t certain I could trust them with it. Too much had happened and too much of that was their fault, but they seemed determined to earn my forgiveness. But when my life is threatened a second time, would they be there for me when I needed them and make it in time to rescue me again?

The five of us were connected through magic and circumstances, but little did we know that there would be more trials that we would soon all face together or how much closer those trials would bring all of us. The priceless magical artifact I had stolen was so much more than what I had originally thought, and now it seemed dangerous men were after it. That meant those men were after me. Was I willing to trust the four kings of campus with all my secrets, even if they could use them against me?

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