Her Band of Rakes by R. A. Steffan

Her Band of Rakes by R. A. Steffan

Exiled to the country after a devastating London scandal, Cassandra Fenwicke’s prospects for marriage and a secure future have become increasingly bleak—and that was before she ended up stranded in the infamous Lord Rotherdam’s remote mansion.

Now, she’s trapped with three dangerous and alluring men in the viscount’s notorious den of iniquity. Beyond the walls of Hengewick House lies a joyless future of destitute spinsterhood. Within lies temptation—but Cassandra already knows what happens to young women who give in to the wicked desires of powerful men. She bears the scars, both to her mind and her tattered reputation.

Can three unrepentant rakes with a mission change Cassandra’s mind about what it means to be ruined?

* * *

Her Band of Rakes is a steamy Regency reverse harem romance by USA Today bestseller R. A. Steffan. If you’ve ever watched a certain popular Regency TV show and thought, “This needs more polyamory and smokin’ hot group sex,” well… you’re in luck. Here’s 97,000 words of it, all tied up with a neat HEA bow.

This story is also available in serialized form on Kindle Vella. If you already read it there, nothing significant has changed for the ebook and paperback version.