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Marked (The Kings of Campus Book 1) by Sandra Antoni
Publication Date: March 23, 2022
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My whole life I’d been hoping to attend the National University of Magical Alliance, and I had finally been accepted. This was my one chance to make something of my future as an air magic user. Did it matter that I’d had to steal a priceless magical artifact so that I’d have the funds to attend? Not really. I’d been living in the shadows and off the radar my entire life. No one knew my secrets. They were my means of survival and the only reason I was still alive. But then I met the kings of campus. Dixon, Blaze, Ryder, and Colton.

An unfortunate accident had turned their attention on me before classes even started, and not in a good way. They were hot, for sure, but they were also egotistical bullies who ran the campus. It didn’t help that their four fathers were the founding fathers of the university, but they were determined to make my life a living hell. What they didn’t realize was that I was made of strong stuff, and a few bullies were not going to make me run away from fulfilling my dreams. I’d faced worse than them before and was still here to tell about it. Little did I know that the four kings of campus weren’t the only threat waiting for me. Getting through the semester with my life was soon to become my biggest goal.

This sounds like a RH, but I cannot tell. -Paige

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